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strain gage animation


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This home page is produced on the main theme of introduction of SHOWA products including SHOWA strain gages and various sensors based on strain gage techniques. This home page is compiled to have easy contents both persons who have long been accustomed in the use of these sensors and those who are trying to investigate for the first place the use of this technique can well understand. As strain gages and various sensors including load cells are used in a very wide range of scientific and industrial fields, we have opened a consulting window (usable on no charge basis) any persons who do not have any special technical knowledge can also visit and consult with questions on products themselves, measuring methods and on applications. Please do not hesitate to consult us any time with any questions. On approaching us, click the CONTACT US and check our telephone number, FAX and Mail Address.

Product Imformation

Strain Gages Load Cells Torque Transducers Pressure Transducers Displacement Transducers Acceleration Transducers Special Transducers Dynamic Strain Amplifiers Transducer Indicator
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New Product

It is the Digital Transducer Indicator corresponding to TEDS standard sensors.
Strain gages and strain gage-based transducers can only transmit a tiny voltage output of 0 to 3mV/V, namely, an equivalent strain of 0 to 6000 microstrain, and therefore, such a small voltage output like this must be amplified by some means on its actual use...

Application Information

Strain gages and applied sensors are used throughout a very wide range of fields. We are trying to compile with the KEYWORDS in order to make it clear that in what industrial or scientific areas are these products frequently used or what sorts of questions are sent to us most frequently. Check by clicking the SITE SEARCH or the APPLICATION whenever you want to know if there might be actual examples of application, or if any others. Do not hesitate to approach us for details of this Chapter over telephone, fax or by E-mail address after having clicked the CONTACT US.

Information on Technology and Service

As strain gages and strain gage sensors including load cells are used among the very wide range of scientific and industrial fields, we are collecting various information such as strain and stress measurement with strain gages, the method of SI Unit Conversion and product information of our own production range so that any persons who are not rather specialized in this field may be able to make use of the information of this kind easily and as far as possible. The method of treatment of our respective producs can be referred to by downloading to the operation manuals on respective Web catalogues (at the bottom part), although some Models are to be eliminated from this treatment.

Quality System

The top fundamental principle of SHOWA Company is to supply to customers products that may be accepted by them with their fullest satisfaction. We consider it necessary as the concept of the quality assurance not only to guarantee the ratings and performances of the product as a mere substance but also to offer to the customers a product that may most suit to their needs and requirement. As you may be aware, we have a collection of a very wide range and kinds of strain gages and and associated sensors, we should always try to follow the customers' needs and find and select the best product meeting comfortably meeting their requirement through communications with them. We consider that this may be a true quality assurance we should offer to the customers. We acquired in February 2001 the ISO 2001 Approval for Quality System and we are sure to be able to further conform to customers' entire satisfaction.


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